Monday, September 17, 2012

2012 Picture Day at Jefferson

Other than the "2012", this title could be as timeless as a 1967 Corvette. Aren't all picture days the same? The night before, thinking about what to wear. Be honest guys, even we did it. The morning of, your mom making sure you didn't wear your favorite striped shirt with plaid pants. The "walk of Fame", sporting your very best outfit as you walked into school for the day. The anticipation of when your class will be called down to the gym. Now, from the inside, I see that it has hardly changed.

Today was picture day at Jefferson Elementary School, where I work. What a day! The kids looked so great in their not so oft worn ensembles. It is funny though, some kids really do it up, and others just don't get into it that much. I understand that some of that is economic in nature, but I think there is more to it than that.

Some kids like the whole "dress up" gig. It's fun for them to get all fancied up. Some of the older kids come to compete, it is obvious. Many just conform to the group of kids they hang around. Some kids I am certain, think what they normally wear is already good enough, so why upgrade for a photo? I think I am in this camp.

Today was special for me though. Today, I was reminded of the most magical part about picture day for us guys. The FREE COMB! Sure, most of us had a comb or several at home. But this was the brass ring. The slim black beauty...and free! Some of us would even go to the bathroom before our turn and mess up our hair, just so we could land that tiny plastic piece of black magic. We would sport around all day with that thing hanging out of our back pockets, asking each male passerby non chalantly, "Did you uh, get the free comb?" Many of our friends would look back in horror, forgetting the whole reason for all of the pageantry, knowing that they would have to wait 365 days for this chance to present itself again.

Today, sadly, I was an adult. When asked by a bright eyed third grader, "Did you get the free comb?” I had to awkwardly reply, "Oh man!" Oh well, at least next year is not a leap year...only 364 days to go.